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Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I've talked with a lot of Home Inspectors and it's interesting to me how differently some of us see the industry, the role of the Home Inspector and how to work with buyers, sellers and realtors. Much of the role and the way we're supposed to work is spelled out by state guidelines or in the best practices outlined in our trade organizations, but a lot of it is also left up to personal preference. Decisions like walking a roof to inspect it versus using binoculars from the ground, or opening a dead front on an electric panel are some of the choices inspectors make every day.

For the first-time buyer with no experience working with a Home Inspector, it pays to ask questions before booking so that you feel comfortable. If a Home Inspector doesn't want to answer questions about how they conduct an inspection before you book, they'll probably be even less inclined to answer questions after the inspection. Ask about their standard inspection processes, how long to expect the inspection to take, what will be inspected, and the format of the report. And of course, having an Inspector that is certified by one of the recognized trade organizations such as InterNACHI is an important endorsement.

Give us a call to talk about your upcoming inspection.

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