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About Neal

Pre-Listing, Pre-Bid and Pre-Purchase Home Inspections
Residential Construction
Progress Inspections
Home Maintenance and
Improvement Project Consulting
Radon Testing
Sourdough Bread Baking

I’m Neal Wilson of Acorn Home Inspections, here to provide a uniquely personal and professional home inspection experience because I focus on what’s really important regarding your real estate transaction. I am passionate about providing my clients, especially first-time homebuyers, with the confidence that comes from having a careful, thorough inspection of the property. 
If you are a buyer, I take the time to help you understand the systems in a home and any potential issues. If you are planning to sell, I provide the knowledge and insights you need to prepare your home to be listed. Most homes in New Jersey are unique, and likely have some issues, but almost everything can be addressed; I firmly believe there are no bad homes.
I conduct an inspection and deliver a comprehensive report the same day thanks to the latest tools and technology. My reports contain color photographs for reference and information on maintenance and things to keep an eye on. 
My promise to you is a thorough inspection that follows national and state requirements, and to listen carefully and address your questions and concerns about the condition of the home as you make decisions. 
Please text, call or email me for scheduling and pricing information. 
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