Why Realtors Like Using Us

After recommending me for an inspection, Realtors often comment that I'm not like a lot of other inspectors they've used.  Some remark on the way I engage with their clients, appreciating that I don't make mountains out of molehills--that I am able to attach the right level of urgency to a defect. I'm not interested in proving to anyone how smart I am.  I'm interested solely in helping your clients be well-informed about the property.

Whether it's a first-time buyer with a million questions or a seasoned investor in a hurry, I'm sensitive to the signals that buyers give us and help to make the inspection the smoothest and most stress-free part of the process. 

Buyers often comment on what a calming experience an inspection with me is, how I seemed more professional than other inspectors with whom they've worked and how easy it was to understand my findings.

And more than one Attorney has commented that my reports are clear, concise and easy to understand. 

I strive to be the easiest part of the whole process.